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Jul 10 / ambrking

Improve Your Facebook Engagement With Photos

Photos are by far the most visually appealing mediums available that can easily attract someone’s attention within a split second. Using photos is a simple and perhaps the most basic method of finding leads for your business, and with the help of the internet, you can now reach out to anyone around the world who has access to the world wide web. A photograph is said to speak a thousand words, and if Pinterest is any indication of the appeal of photos, then there is obviously a large possibility that your photos would be successful. So why not utilize it for your online marketing campaign?

Use the following photograph formats on your facebook fanpage to generate more engagement with your fans!

Photo caption contest – Simple photos encourage reader engagement through likes and shares, but this type of Facebook post encourages engagement from your readers in the form of comments. Simply upload a photo and ask your readers to write an interesting caption for it. Adding a little prize will certainly improve reader participation. Or you can put an incomplete sentence that your readers can finish paired with a compelling, adorable, or stimulating photo which is bound to open all sorts of interesting topics. This also helps keep your bounce rate low in the sense that commenters would stay longer on your page just to see if other readers comment or like their answers. And of course, because there would be so many possibilities for the answers, your fans are bound to spend a few more minutes than usual reading the answers. This is a great content format because you need not spend so much time creating lengthy posts about so and so. Just a single catchy or interesting line and a well-chosen photo will do the trick.

Photo tutorials and tips – Everyone wants to learn things on their own, whether it’s a new skill or technique or an unusual way of doing things. This format of photos will certainly increase the download rates of your customers. You don’t even need a high-end camera to create an interesting instructional photo, as long as the images are clear enough for everyone to see. One great example of instructional photography use is done by this popular cooking blog: Cooking Comically. By integrating comic illustrations and photos to emphasize his posts, blog owner Tyler Capps has successfully accumulated a significant following.

Quotes – If you want to expand your reach through Facebook, then quoted images are the way to go. It’s almost instinctive to like an image quote and share it on your wall. A simple quote is appealing enough but combining it with an amazing photo, the possibilities become endless. If you check on a friend’s Facebook wall, you will definitely see it flooded with various image quotes, which seems to be the trend these days with people taking it upon themselves to encourage their followers and friends. Sometimes you don’t even need a separate photo for your quotes. You can use typography techniques to turn the quote itself into a compelling image.

Slideshows – Thanks to Slideshare, you can now easily share your slideshows to everyone you want. Use slideshows to share your top 10 or top 15 favorite images and encourage discussions on your Facebook wall.

These are but a few ways that you can use photographs on your Facebook wall and other social sites to improve customer and reader engagement. Just be creative and you’ll surely find other ways to use photos.

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