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Jul 23 / ambrking

How To Date Your Target B2B Leads According To Seth Godin

Any sensible marketer fully understands that mass media advertising and marketing is quickly losing its effectiveness. The one-size fits all type of marketing no longer fits anyone, and if you really want to sell anything, you have to be willing to spend time figuring out who exactly to sell your products and services to. But only figuring out who to sell to won’t be enough. No matter how targeted your marketing strategies are, you still need to get the attention of your target customers before you can even begin to sell anything. And even if you get the attention of these people, those few moments that you have won’t be enough to sell your company, to explain your product, how it works, and to get the sale. You might make those few seconds to work for about 2% of the time, but that is dismal if you think about the 98% of your wasted efforts. While there is no substitute to selling effectively other than getting the attention of your sales leads, there is a better way to get the attention of your leads for a longer period of time. This method of marketing, which creates a longer conversion time, is called permission marketing.

How permission marketing works

As Seth Godin states in his book, permission marketing has been around for a long time. This method of “dating” your target customers or sales leads for a few months before going for the sell is still evident in the small businesses that we have in our local towns. You can see it whenever your local grocery owner chats up a newcomer in town, and how she always offers something “on-the-house” if the newcomer decides not to make a purchase. This process is called building a relationship, and no matter how many times you’ve read elsewhere that your business leads don’t want to build a relationship with your company, you still need a means of earning their trust. The best method to do this, without a doubt, is to build a relationship with them. But without their express permission, you won’t have any chance of building any relationship.

How to date your customers in 5 easy ways:

1. Offer the prospect an incentive to volunteer.

To get the permission of your business leads, you have to give them some form of incentive. These are the “on-the-house” freebies from your local grocer and the 30-day trial offers you see on the internet. Once you have their permission, you can comfortably present your product or service without fear of being cut-off by a competitor.

2. Using the attention offered by the prospect, offer a curriculum over time, teaching the consumer about your product or service.

Making good use of that undivided attention is your next goal. Explain the benefits of your product or service thoroughly, allowing your business leads to ask as many questions as they need along the way.

3. Reinforce the incentive to guarantee that the prospect maintains the permission.

To keep things interesting for your business leads and maintain a monopoly on their attention, you have to continually provide incentives. But it shouldn’t always have to be the same incentive all the time, so keep it varied. Of course, your incentives must always be relevant to your business leads.

4. Offer additional incentives to get even more permission from the consumer.

As you maintain communication with your business leads, you have to remember that competitors are also vying for their attention. A variation of free offerings and discounts will show your leads that you have much to offer them and that you are more valuable than the other brands.

5. Over time, leverage the permission to change consumer behavior towards profits.

As your relationship progresses, you will inevitably arrive at the point where you ask for the sale. If you’ve properly built your relationship, then making the sale will be a pleasantly expected event for both you and your business leads.

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