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Aug 13 / ambrking

The Difference Between Blogging And Social Media

It is inevitable to do content marketing when marketing online. It is the simplest way to make your presence known to your potential business clients. With content marketing, the two biggest and most significant channels you can use to promote your company is through blogs and social media sites. Though they can essentially contain the exact same content, marketing your company and generating qualified b2b leads through these two channels is actually quite different. The reason why a lot of businesses find b2b lead generation through social media marketing and blogging so difficult is because they are applying the same strategy on both channels.

So how exactly do you make either or both channels work for your lead generation campaigns?

1. Blogging.

This has been around far longer than social media, and a lot of business owners are already quite familiar using this marketing channel. Blogs work best with CTA’s or call-to-actions, as your readers can get carried away reading your great content but you won’t be able to turn them into business leads unless you tell them to put their name and contact information onto a form. Pop-up and splash pages also work best on this channel.

But most of all, a blog’s potential would be very limited if it is not optimized for search engines. Search engine optimization plays a really big role on content marketing through blogs. With so much content available on the blogosphere for your business leads to consume, you have to use all available means to stand out, and SEO is one of the most effective.

2. Social Media.

As the newest addition to marketing tools, a lot of marketers are still scratching their heads on how to make social media work effectively for business to business lead generation. A mistake that most marketers commit when using social media is that they treat it just like they do blogs. They write great content and optimize it for websites, but they are lacking two important ingredients to make their social content a winner: building relationships and traffic. Now, these two aren’t that hard to find. When you build relationships on social media, your network expands and you get more traffic. Once you get more traffic, you have more opportunities to build relationships. It’s a simple cycle, and it’s a shame that marketers tend to focus only on getting traffic. Doing SEO on your social posts is great and all, but you’re missing the big point of the word “social” if your media is all about getting traffic.

Instead of merely focusing on the SEO part of your social content, increase traffic by building relationships with your followers. Actively start discussions and join the conversations happening on your company profiles. As the discussion deepens, your posts will eventually attract more business people who are interested about your topic. Business owners are more likely to give you their contact information when you interact with them this way.

When using the internet for your lead generation campaigns, you have to remember these important notes so that you get the best results from your b2b lead generation content marketing campaigns. Always keep these in mind:

Blogging: Call-to-action + SEO
Social Media: Relationships + traffic

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