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Aug 7 / ambrking

Are You That Easy to Forget? Make Your Blog Posts More Memorable

For private bloggers, not all posts have to be with utmost significance each time. To their own liking, they have the liberty to post blogs just for the sake of posting, or to satisfy themselves with mediocre, I’m-just-sayin’ kind of posts, nothing important or Earth-shattering. Their blogs can survive without constant recognition. They’re okay even if people don’t care. That’s normal.

Business bloggers don’t have that luxury.

When content marketers post something on their blog, it has to make an impression, and it has to generate a desired response. People have to think it’s a great post, and people have to do something about it. That’s the livelihood of business blogs.

Sounds easy, but considering the thousands of other blogs out there equally gasping for appreciation, you have to make sure yours will stand out in whatever way conceivable, and here are some pointers on how to do just that:

  • Create a new persona. This is not to say you have to become an entirely new person and forget all the values you’ve upheld before. All it means is that you should try to change the way you perceive things and give a twist on how you express them. There’s a thousand ways to skin a cat, as they say.
  • Throw a joke. It’s impossible to just suddenly grow a sense of humor if you really don’t have one, but giving your posts a dose of wit sometimes only takes looking at simple things and giving it a distorted take. Be careful with sarcasm, though.
  • Learn to disagree. Bloggers could be caught up with the habit of writing about “how to do” this and “the truth about” that and all other “informative” content. Sometimes, it’s a breath of fresh air to write something about how you oppose a certain concept. Just make sure to draw the line between sharing your thoughts and badmouthing other people’s ideas.
  • Cite popular references. You often see bloggers borrowing a quote from famous people or using pop culture references to anchor their posts on. It’s more enjoyable to read and easy to remember, too. But then again, another warning: make sure you know your audience especially in using controversial references regarding race, politics and religion.
  • End by asking a question. One surefire way to make your blog post memorable is to leave them with a parting brain-boggler, or maybe just a simple food for thought. Doing that encourages them to give a quick feedback and they may end up sharing your post, too.
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